1可用于 Avahost的优惠券


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于 21-5-7到期

25% discount for Domain Registrations, work only for customers with active Reseller account.

Order hosting with additional 30% discount! 

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于 17-2-28到期

You can get an additional discount of 30%!

Cloud VPS server with 25% discount

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于 17-2-28到期

On VPS server in the cloud, we offer a 25% discount!

Free domain registration if you purchase Hosting

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于 17-12-31到期

When ordering any hosting services to AvaHost.UA we provide free domain registration.

3 months free hosting when transferring website AvaHost!

最近使用: 1127 天, 12 小时 和 9 分钟 之前
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于 17-12-31到期

Every customer who brings us to your site from another hosting provider,
or our old customer who comes back to us after more than a 3-month
break - will receive a complimentary 3 months of hosting!

Loyalty Program

最近使用: 1122 天, 20 小时 和 30 分钟 之前
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于 17-12-31到期

The maximum discount can reach up to 25%. 


最近使用: 678 天, 4 小时 和 51 分钟 之前
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于 19-3-22到期

25% discount for web hosting services


最近使用: 1120 天, 18 小时 和 7 分钟 之前
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于 20-2-13到期

15% discount for all web hosting orders




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