DDoS-GUARD的专家评论 2018

作者: Idan Cohen


  • 可靠性
    9 / 10
  • 定价
    7 / 10
  • 用户体验
    9 / 10
  • 技术支持
    8.5 / 10
  • 功能
    8.5 / 10
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DDoS Guard是一家主机公司,主要专注于为您的网站提供安全的环境,同时也提供其他各种类型的服务。DDoS的含义是分布式拒绝服务攻击,这是一种攻击行为,一些人将大量的流量发送到特定的网址。因为网络流量超负荷或因为虚拟主机服务器无法及时应对这一切,导致用户不能正常使用网站。这种攻击的形式是相当简单的,这也是为什么它已经是当今互联网领域内最大的威胁之一。做好相应的保护,对确保您的网站自始至终保持稳定良好的运行是至关重要的。而该公司在提供这种保护这的方面做得很好。

Uptime & Reliability


Good Stable Hosting

The hosting you'll get with this company is going to be very stable.  The fact that they can filter out bad traffic will help in this area, and they also use very nice servers to minimize the risk of downtime related to hardware problems.   They don't have an uptime guarantee that I could find, but from what I have seen with actual users, they do have a very stable service.



Good Overall Hosting Services

The biggest focus is on their DDoS features.  The DDoS features will analyze all traffic and ensure that only legit traffic is getting through.  This will help to minimize any impact from infected computers and other things like that.  From what I can tell, they do a very good job at this and can protect your site from most types of attacks. They break their hosting packges up into different types including remote website protection, Game Server protection, net services protection, hosting protection and more.  This makes it quite easy since you can go through and find exactly what you will be using the hosting for, and choose that.  Within each category they have four options to choose from based on how busy your site or service is going to be. Beyond the DDoS protection, they have good hardware, fair usage restrictions and several other features that make their hosting quite good.



Easy to Contact Tech Support

The tech support with this company is easy to get in touch with and can help you to resolve most common issues.  They are good at detecting DDoS attacks, of course, and will begin preventing traffic almost immediately.



Quite Expensive

The hosting with this company is going to be quite expensive.  You're paying mostly for the advanced DDoS protection, which is a high end service.  For example, for general hosting it starts at $150 per month and goes up to $400.  Other options are less expensive, and some are more expensive, but they are all significantly more than you would pay with another company that doesn't give the DDoS services.


Great if You Need DDoS Protection

If you feel like you need DDoS protection, this company is going to be an excellent option.  If your site is not at any real risk of being attacked, than this company is going to be more expensive than you want to pay. Pros:

  • High Quality DDoS Protection
  • Lots of Features


  • Price is Quite High


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  • 可靠性
    9.8 / 10
  • 定价
    9.5 / 10
  • 用户体验
    9.7 / 10
  • 技术支持
    9.8 / 10
  • 功能
    9.7 / 10

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Henry Reed
  • 可靠性 10
  • 定价 10
  • 用户体验 10
  • 技术支持 10
  • 功能 10

Their remote website protection service is beyond praise.

I like the way ddos-guard.net works for their customers as their remote website protection service is beyond praise. Free DNS hosting, SSL certificate, CDN and many are available from them!
Joseph Lane
  • 可靠性 10
  • 定价 10
  • 用户体验 10
  • 技术支持 10
  • 功能 10

The best and most secure!

已使用的服务:DDoS防护服务 - Free Anti DDoS
It goes without saying that ddos-guard.net is a right company to use DDoS protection service from due to their quality services. They are the best in this realm. Free features (DNS hosting, SSL certificate, CDN) are great attractive for me too.
Nazik Hilbers
  • 可靠性 10
  • 定价 10
  • 用户体验 10
  • 技术支持 10
  • 功能 10

The most secure DDoS protection company in the whole IT industry!

已使用的服务:SSL - Comodo PositiveSSL
DdoS-guard.net is proven to be the best and most secure DDoS protection company in the whole IT industry because of their quality services. They also provide remote website protection! It's a plus from them.


服务 价格范围
共享型主机 ¥0 - ¥2,591 检视计划
VPS ¥324 - ¥2,267 检视计划
SSL ¥162 - ¥778 检视计划
DDoS防护服务 ¥0 - ¥98 检视计划

DDoS-GUARD 的价格、计划及功能2018


方案名称 磁盘空间 带宽 网站数量 价格
无限 无限 无限 ¥0
2 GB 无限 1 ¥972
3 GB 无限 1 ¥1,943
5 GB 无限 3 ¥2,591


方案名称 磁盘空间 中央处理器 内存(RAM) 操作系统 价格
10 GB 1 核心 1000 MB ¥324
15 GB 2 核心 2 GB ¥454
25 GB 3 核心 3 GB ¥778
40 GB 4 核心 4 GB ¥972
15 GB 1 核心 2 GB ¥1,296
30 GB 2 核心 4 GB ¥1,619
50 GB 3 核心 8 GB ¥1,943
60 GB 4 核心 10 GB ¥2,267


方案名称 功能 担保 价格
Comodo PositiveSSL
Protection for 1 domain
Express-release within 5 minutes
128/256-bit encryption
99.9% of compatibility with all types of browsers
¥0 ¥162
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Protection for 1 domain
Protect all subdomains
128/256-bit encryption
99.9% of compatibility with all types of browsers
¥0 ¥778


方案名称 功能 网站数量 价格
Remote website protection BASIC
BASIC includes FREE features, and:
Accelerated validation of visitors
Possibility to change protected IP address
Black/White lists:
up to 3 rules each
Load balance:
up to 2 backends
Plain priority technical support
(average response time - 4 hours)
1 ¥98
Protected DNS hosting 无限 ¥0
Free Anti DDoS
1 domain under protection
Unlimited legitimate bandwidth
Unlimited scrubbing bandwidth
Caching and delivery of static content (CDN)
HTTP/2 & SPDY support
SSL/TLS 1.2&1.3 support
Free SSL certificate
Traffic analysis in the client area
Limited technical support (average response time - 12 hours)
无限 ¥0


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