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  • 可靠性
    5.8 / 10
  • 定价
    8.1 / 10
  • 用户体验
    6.9 / 10
  • 技术支持
    5.8 / 10
  • 功能
    6.0 / 10

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服务 价格范围
Shared Hosting ¥14 - ¥68 检视计划
VPS ¥30 - ¥673 检视计划
Dedicated Server ¥2,013 - ¥4,704 检视计划

HostUS的专家评论 2019

作者: Michael Lavnduski


  • 可靠性
    8.5 / 10
  • 定价
    8.5 / 10
  • 用户体验
    8 / 10
  • 技术支持
    9 / 10
  • 功能
    9.5 / 10
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Global Hosting & Much More

HostUS has been in business since 2012, providing customers with high quality hosting services in a variety of countries. They offer domain name registration, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, DDoS mitigation, and other related services to help ensure their customers have access to everything they need in one place. Unlike many companies that try to specialize in one area of the hosting industry, HostUS seems to want to meet the needs of as many people as possible. They operate out of 8 high-tech datacenter locations around the world so that customers can have their sites hosted near their customers. They also have an in-house team of support technicians and other staff that work hard to make sure customers are getting everything they need. HostUS has even developed their own custom control panel software to really help set themselves apart from the competition.

Uptime & Reliability


No Reports of Excessive Downtime

Everything that I have been able to find suggests that this company provides good, stable hosting. They don’t have any type of uptime guarantee, but it definitely seems like they do a great job at keeping things up and running at all times. Customers have reported that their hosting is very stable, and based on the hardware and datacenter specs that they use, this seems very likely. Their tech support team is also on site at each datacenter 24/7 so if any outages do occur, they can respond to them fast.



Extensive Features

The feature list offered by this company is quite extensive. To start with they have four shared hosting plans to choose from. These plans all have solid state drives ranging from 5 to 120 gigs. They also have generous bandwidth and other features that will help keep entry level customers happy. The VPS hosting options can be unmanaged with OpenVZ, unmanaged with KVM, or fully managed. The features are fairly standard and configurable to ensure each customer is getting exactly what is needed. When you move up to the dedicated servers you will see a big jump in both features and price. The entry level dedicated server runs on an Intel Xeon E3 CPU. This has 4 cores at 3.6GHz each. It also has dual 2TB hard drives, 32 gigs of DDR3 RAM and a variety of other great features. The higher end dedicated server has 20 cores at 2.6GHz each, two solid state drives, two traditional drives, and 64GB of DDR4 RAM. These are quite powerful hosting servers that will be able to manage most any type of load.



Very Helpful Tech Support

The technical support teams are on site and available to deal with problems 24/7/365. They use only in-house support teams so you aren’t dealing with some third-party provider of tech support. When you get in touch with them they will respond quickly to help you get past any type of problems you might be having.



Reasonable Prices

The shared hosting packages come with a lot of nice features, and for very reasonable prices. The entry level option is just $2 per month or $15 per year. Even at the highest end option it is only $15 per month or $115 per year. These prices are lower than normal when you consider all the great features that are included in each package. VPS hosting starts at just $5.93 per month and goes up to $49.95 per month for the fully managed options. There can be additional costs based on the specific features that you select when having your VPS provisioned. The dedicated servers are quite a bit more expensive than the other options. You do get significantly more power, but the price seems a little unreasonable. For the entry level dedicated server, you’re going to have to pay $299 per month. For the top end option it is $699 per month. These servers can also be customized, which can make them even more expensive.

User Friendly


Easy to Work with Hosting Company

Just about everything about this company is friendly for the customers. Their website is very well designed. Even though they have a lot of different to choose from, they have it all laid out in such a way that customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for. Their in-house developed control panel is easy to use, though for those who are used to cPanel it might be an unwanted change.


Excellent Hosting Available Globally

The hosting from this company is of the highest quality. They can handle almost any type of customer from individuals and small businesses to larger companies that need dedicated servers. Their customer service is excellent and they have a good overall reputation for meeting the needs of their customers. Pros:
  • Lots of Hosting Options
  • Affordable Prices for Shared & VPS Hosting
  • Great Customer Service
  • Dedicated Servers are Overpriced
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HostUS 的价格、计划及功能2019


方案名称 磁盘空间 带宽 价格 Score
5 GB 100.04 GB ¥14 6.5
20 GB 无限 ¥34 6.5
70 GB 无限 ¥68 6.5


方案名称 磁盘空间 内存(RAM) 操作系统 价格 Score
25 GB 512 MB ¥30 6.5
45 GB 1 GB ¥54 6.5
75 GB 2 GB ¥94 4.0
100 GB 3 GB ¥135 8.6
140 GB 4 GB ¥182 6.5
160 GB 6 GB ¥310 4.0
200 GB 8 GB ¥471 6.5
220 GB 12 GB ¥673 6.5


方案名称 磁盘空间 内存(RAM) 操作系统 价格 Score
3.91 TB 32 GB ¥2,013 6.5
4.4 TB 64 GB ¥3,359 6.5
4.88 TB 64 GB ¥4,704 6.5


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¥20 / 月
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¥31 / 月


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