SmarterASP.NET的专家评论 2018

作者: Yuriy Gandyak


  • 可靠性
    9 / 10
  • 定价
    10 / 10
  • 用户体验
    9 / 10
  • 技术支持
    8 / 10
  • 功能
    8 / 10
Yuriy Gandyak评分为 分


SmarterASP.NET是一家主机公司,至今已连续十余年提供优质的服务。正如其名,他们主要专注于为用户提供基于Windows (.NET)的主机服务。他们提供一些不同类型的选项,不过都是低端到中端的服务。他们没有提供任何的独立服务器,这对于提升网站性能而言会有一些限制。不过,对于大多数的用户和企业而言,他们的半独立服务器已经足够满足他们的需求了。该公司还提供各种供各样的功能,甚至包括一个长达60天的免费试用期,这样您就可以充分了解他们所提供的服务,能否让您真正满意。该公司宣称他们在全世界范围内,有超过17万个网站在其公司的服务器上运行,同时还经营着三个高质量的数据中心。他们同时还表明,这是一家没有任何债务的公司,有着极好的财务状况,因此被一家大型的主机公司收购的可能性微乎其微。

Uptime & Reliability


99.9% uptime guarantee for all websites

The 99.9% uptime guarantee is fairly standard for hosting companies these days.  The nice thing about this company is that they really seem to work hard to keep the sites up as much as possible.  They don’t oversell shared hosting packages, and all of their data centers are kept up to date with the latest hardware and network redundancy.



Great services focused on Windows hosting

If you are interested in a Windows based web hosting company, this is an excellent option to go with.  You can choose from any of their shared, VPS or semi-dedicated hosting options, all of which come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a variety of other features.  Things like unlimited disk space and bandwidth are all standard no matter which hosting package you choose. You’ll also have access to more than 30 scripts, each of which can be installed in just one click.  Their custom control panel is easy to use, though some people may use cPanel or Plesk.  Even the payment options are flexible, and don’t require you to have a credit card on file.



Great support skilled in Windows web hosting

You will get 24/7 live support through their live chat feature, and you can also use the online ticketing system, which promises very rapid response times.  The technical teams are able to focus just on Windows OS’s, which allows them to have a higher overall skill level than if they had to master Linux as well. The site has a number of articles and other helpful items for those who are looking to learn to do things themselves.



Very competitive pricing for all their hosting

If you choose to host with you will quickly see that they are able to keep their pricing quite low.  They claim that this is possible because they are a debt free company, and they don’t spend much money on advertising or marketing.  In addition, since they limit their services to Microsoft OS’s, they can likely get by with fewer total servers. Another price related perk is that you get a 60 day free trial, and after that 60 days you’ll get an additional 60 day money back guarantee.  That means you can use their hosting for 120 days before you will actually be out any real money.


Great hosting services for small to medium sized companies

This is a great hosting company that has built itself up over time to provide some of the best Windows based hosting in the world.  They have multiple data centers for improved speed and reliability, and they have successfully proven that they can operate websites well. Pros:

  • Prices are quite a bit lower than competition
  • Quality hosting with reliable services
  • Tech teams are experts in Windows OS


  • No dedicated servers
  • No Linux options

SmarterASP.NET 用户评论

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  • Reliability
    9.2 / 10
  • Pricing
    9.1 / 10
  • User Friendly
    9.2 / 10
  • Support
    9.2 / 10
  • Features
    9.1 / 10

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Steven Collins
  • 可靠性 10
  • 定价 10
  • 用户体验 10
  • 技术支持 10
  • 功能 10

Superb .Net and php hosting

已使用的服务:共享型 - Basic
Over the last 5 years or so I have started using .Net in my day job and I use php for freelance work. My personal hosting has always been php and I never took the leap into Microsoft Azure hosting for .Net due to its complex prici...继续阅读
hatem muktar
  • 可靠性 10
  • 定价 10
  • 用户体验 10
  • 技术支持 10
  • 功能 10

professional service attractive offers- excellent publishing

已使用的服务:共享型 - Premium
it is a professional service provided , very easy control panel , publishing good report service no error while deploying, in other sites i fount a lot of problems- good price - attractive offers- excellent
Isaac Ofori-Attah
  • 可靠性 10
  • 定价 10
  • 用户体验 6.0
  • 技术支持 10
  • 功能 8.0

Great Service

已使用的服务:共享型 - Basic
I was being over charged by my previous hosting company till I met Smarterasp. Excellent customer service and reliable service plus good prices for product. Excellent combination will definitely recommend for any serious minded individual or business.
James Silvia
  • 可靠性 10
  • 定价 10
  • 用户体验 10
  • 技术支持 8.0
  • 功能 10

Everything I need and MORE!

已使用的服务:共享型 - Advance
Moved from GoDaddy
I've been using SmarterASP.NET for one of clients as a sort of test and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the services they offer and the exceptional value for all that you get. I haven't used their support (yet), but from...继续阅读


服务 价格范围
共享型主机 ¥21 - ¥55 检视计划
VPS ¥692 - ¥2,766 检视计划

SmarterASP.NET 的价格、计划及功能2018


方案名称 磁盘空间 带宽 网站数量 价格 Score
无限 无限 无限 ¥21 9.4
无限 无限 无限 ¥35 9.3
无限 无限 无限 ¥55 9.5


方案名称 磁盘空间 中央处理器 内存(RAM) 操作系统 价格 Score
30 GB 2 核心 2 GB ¥692 9.2
40 GB 2 核心 4 GB ¥968 10
60 GB 4 核心 8 GB ¥1,383 9.2
120 GB 8 核心 16 GB ¥2,766 9.2




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