WordPress Hosting Cost: Comparison of Top 20 WordPress Hosting Providers for July 2022

WordPress hosting is a type of web host optimized for WordPress websites. It is recommended if you need a high-performing host and most importantly if you are building a WordPress website.

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The exact cost of WordPress hosting will depend upon the provider  and plan you choose, and the resources you need. WordPress hosting providers have different plans with different resources. For example, You can get 50GB SSD on one plan while you get 30GB SSD on another.

Cheap WordPress hosting costs between $1 to $12 per month. Most providers offer a monthly saving of between 40-75% on their WordPress hosting plans. This means you can pay less than the original price for the first few months or years.

Looking for the best WordPress hosting provider and choosing the plan you need can be a daunting task but we have your back.

In this post, our web host experts curated a list to compare the WordPress hosting costs to help you choose what you need to host your WordPress website. You can also check the parameters that determined our top 20 WordPress hosting providers.

WordPress Hosting Price Table – Top 20 WordPress Hosting Price Comparison

Our RankingHostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingPay Monthly PriceMoney Back GuaranteeWebsite
#1HostArmada$2.99Monthly70%$9.9545 DaysHostArmada
#2Fastcomet$2.49Monthly75%$9.9530 DaysFastcomet
#3DreamHost$12Monthly16%$16.9597 DaysDreamHost
#5Inmotion$3.49Monthly68%$10.9990 DaysInmotion
#6Verpex$1.75Monthly50%$3.5045 DaysVerpex
#7Hostinger$1.99Monthly80%$9.9930 DaysHostinger
#8ScalaHosting$3.95Monthly43%$6.9530 DaysScalaHosting
#9Kamatera$4MonthlyX$430 DaysKamatera
#11HostPapa$2.99Monthly70%$9.9930 DaysHostPapa
#12A2 Hosting$11.993 years/Monthly50%23.9930 DaysA2 Hosting
#13Kinsta$35MonthlyX$3530 DaysKinsta
#14Interserver$8MonthlyX$830 DaysInterserver
#15Hostwinds$5.24MonthlyX$5.2460 DaysHostwinds
#16Chemicloud$2.98Monthly70%$9.9545 DaysChemicloud
#17TMDhosting$5.95Monthly40%$8.9560 DaysTMDhosting
#18Hostens$0.90Monthly70%$330 DaysHostens
#19HostDash$2.99Monthly58%$6.9560 DaysHostDash
#20GreenGeeks$2.95Monthly73%$10.9530 DaysGreenGeeks
Unique Facts: The cheapest plans are great for new businesses, however features included can vary across different providers. Therefore compare both the cost and features before you choose your plan.

Factors Affecting the Cost of WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting plans and pricing depend on a number of factors and features. Some of the factors include the plan you choose, the features included in each plan, and the resources you need for your website. Understanding these factors will help you choose which WordPress hosting provider is perfect for your website needs in terms of optimum performance and reliability.

  • Type of WordPress Hosting Plan

Ever landed on a website and saw different phrases like shared, VPS, and managed? They are types of WordPress hosting packages and  knowing what they can offer your site is key to choosing successfully.

Beginners launching their first sites can start with Shared WordPress hosting as they need fewer resources. It is available at low prices and easy to set up because the server is shared with other websites and users. If an upgrade is required due to more traffic which requires more resources, then you can move on to VPS WordPress hosting.

Your WordPress hosting plan can also be managed or unmanaged. If it is managed, it will cost more than unmanaged. Some WordPress hosts like Kamatera allow you to configure your server by choosing any of the above types. In contrast, others have different packages such as Shared WordPress hosting, Managed WordPress hosting and VPS WordPress hosting, which are clearly stated whenever you land on their WordPress hosting plan page.

  • The Resources and Features Available

The resources available on a particular WordPress hosting plan can affect how reliable your site is, as well as the performance and scalability of your website. Setting up a hosting plan to make your WordPress site load faster needs more dedicated resources. To have access to more resources, you need to pay more money.

Some hosting providers can keep their WordPress hosting costs as low as possible because they share server resources between multiple sites. This can be cheap, but it will affect how fast your website loads because the resources are limited.

If you plan to offer the best website performance to your customers, it will be wise to invest in a plan with more resources.

Other additional features like the number of backups, server locations, and WordPress updates can also affect the price of your plan.


Unique Facts: The more resources allocated to your website, the faster it will load, increasing user engagement and conversion rates. On the other hand, a slower page load time of even 3 seconds can increase the probability of a visitor leaving your site by over 30%.


  • The Number of Websites

The resources discussed in the above factors will need to be multiplied if you want to host more than one website. This means that you need to pay more for effective website performance. With shared WordPress hosting, if you deploy 3 websites on the WordPress hosting, each website will still share the available resources. With Managed hosting, the number of websites means an increase in the resources assigned to your website.

Unique Facts: You can build different types of sites on WordPress but each of them requires more resources than the other. For example, an eCommerce website requires more resources than a blog or portfolio website.


Extra WordPress Hosting Costs to Consider

WordPress hosting price is not the only cost you will have to consider whenever you want to build and host your WordPress website. Although WordPress is free, you should expect to pay some additional costs to enjoy the best website performance.

Domain name

Typically costs $5 to $20/year

Your domain name is the main address on your website that starts with “www” and ends with “.com” or “.net.” Every business or brand needs one if you want prospective customers to find you online.

You can start registering a domain name by checking if your chosen brand or company name is available. If it is still available in your preferred Top Level Domain, you can expect to pay an extra cost.

Domain Name Privacy

Typically costs $2 to $20/year

Domain privacy is a beneficial feature for many website owners due to the risk it prevents. To complete your domain name registration, you need to provide your personal details like email address, name, and address. These pieces of information are always available to anyone on the ICANN WHOIS website.

To add an extra layer of security, you need to pay an extra cost to subscribe for your information to be protected from scammers.

Premium Themes

Typically cost $30 to $70/year

There are several free themes available to WordPress users, but some website builders prefer to buy a premium theme as it comes with additional website features. Your website will stand out in terms of design and will have access to all the tools for a perfect website.

Premium Plugins

Typically cost $47 to $200/year

A WordPress plugin is a software extension that adds new features when installed on a website. WordPress.com users need to subscribe to the business plan to install premium plugins. You might need a premium plugin like Yoast SEO to add new functionality to your WordPress website.

Again, there are many free plugins out there. But, you might be in a situation where a premium plugin is the only solution.

Web Design

Typically costs $500 – $5000

Another benefit of using a CMS like WordPress is that it allows users to host and build websites from scratch without a coding language like HTML. But that doesn’t mean building a website with WordPress is what anyone can jump on.

If you are not an expert at web design, you can hire a professional to help with the web design process. Most of these experts are available on freelance platforms, or you can have an  in-house person do it if you have one in your company.



If you are planning to build a WordPress website for your business, you need the server and resources from WordPress hosting for effective performance. Even with the additional  WordPress hosting costs, building and hosting your website with WordPress is a smart investment.

By choosing the perfect hosting plan from one of the top 20 providers, you can rest assured that you will get the needed tools and services specifically tailored to your site needs.

Please note that all web hosts are not created equal. If you are using WordPress to build your website, you need to choose a web host specially created for the most popular CMS.


Which hosting provider is the best for WordPress hosting?

Every WordPress provider is unique in one way or the other. Based on our ranking, Host Armada is the most rated with a 5-star rating, with FastComet coming next with a 4.8-star rating.

What is the best price to pay for WordPress hosting?

The best WordPress hosting price covers all the resources you need for effective website performance.

How can I install premium plugins on WordPress?

*Locate the WordPress admin area, click on plugins and then Add New.

* Enter the name of the plugin you want to install in the search bar.

* Install and Activate the Plugin